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Cadpat™ Uniform


Image source: Department of National Defence Canada

  The Canadian OG 107 Combat uniform has now been completely replaced by the Canadian Disruptive Pattern (CADPAT™) uniform. CADPAT is a major part of the Department of National Defence Clothe The Soldier Program. The camouflage pattern is computer designed, intended for temperate climates,and presents a low Infra Red signature. Upon it's introduction, the CADPAT pattern was copyrighted, but was almost immediately copied and slightly altered by the United States Marine Corps. A relativly small amount of Winter/Arctic pattern camouflage has been produced for user trials.

The basic uniform consists of a helmet cover, wide brim combat hat, jacket, shirt, fragmentation vest, and trousers. New load bearing equipment and tactical accessories are being provided as well.

The Clothe The Soldier program is the first major upgrade of Canadian Land Forces uniform and equipment since the 1960's. For more information on the Clothe The Soldier Program and the CADPAT Uniform and related accessories go HERE

  The soldier on the left in the illustration above is wearing first generation TEMPERATE WOODLAND (TW) CADPAT and the CG 634 ballistic helmet with camouflage cover. White and blue covers are availible for winter or UN duty. The sunglasses are under development, it is intended that they will provide ballistic, UV and laser protection. The soldier is wearing the now obsolete load bearing equipment over the ballistic vest. He is wearing standard new temperate combat boots and is armed with the C-7 Rifle with 40mm grenade launcher.

The officer on the right is wearing the CADPAT version for arid climates, with desert boots. The new CG634 pattern helmet is made of ballistic materials and has been on general issue since late 1997.


Image source: Department of National Defence Canada
The winter/arctic version of Cadpat is in production and currently consists of helmet cover, jacket and trousers. Pack covers and other accessories are under development.

WARRANT An excellent view of the TW CADPAT uniform worn by WO Norm Rooker of 1 MP Platoon. The old pattern combat uniform rank insignia is barely visible as is the combat name tag. WO Rooker is a member of the 3 PPCLI Battle Group, in Afghanistan (2002) for Operation APOLLO, Canada's military contribution to the international campaign against terrorism.

DND photo by Sgt Rick Ruthven, DGPA/J5PA Combat Camera


The examples of CADPAT™ clothing held by the Museum and illustrated within these pages are trial, pre-production or production samples which have been lawfully released for historical/museum collection. The Museum will not entertain offers to sell, trade or otherwise release any such material. Collectors are advised to consult Canadian Forces General Order 120/02 regarding the acquisition or posession of articles of CADPAT™ clothing.

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