The Canadian Provost Corps
1946 - 1968

Service Dress
Other Ranks

In 1949 a new pattern of Summer Service Dress known as Tropical Worsted (TW) or "T-Dubs" was adopted for all ranks. Made of a light wool worsted cloth, it was a four pocket jacket similar in cut to the heavy wool Officer's Pattern Service Dress jacket.

Corporal's TW Service Dress, 1951. The jacket is worn with a dark green "bush" shirt and a khaki green knit necktie. Note that at this period in time the red whistle lanyard was worn on the left shoulder. Within a few years the wearing of the lanyard was standardised to the right shoulder by Other Ranks and the left shoulder by Officers. The buttons are unusual, they are all of the medium size King's Crown Provost Corps pattern. That size of button was normally only worn on the pockets and epaulettes. The rank insignia is typical as the buff chevrons have been whitened with paint. Whitened Web Equipment Pattern 1937 is worn without the pistol holster. In Canada weapons were not normally carried on patrol duties at that time.

The brassard is the Second World War MP Pattern, the PROVOST brassard was worn concurrently. Both patterns of brassard were commonly seen in wear in the same unit. Note the pre 1956 pattern Trade Group 2 badge. The areas of buff embroidery have been whitened with paint.

Typical label on an early production jacket. An ink stamped "C Broad Arrow" Government property mark is barely visible below the label.

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