The Canadian Provost Corps
1946 - 1968

1950s X Pattern Uniforms


Over a period of 15 years, from 1949 to 1964, the Canadian military trialed a wide variety of uniforms and equipment. Articles of British and American origin were tested, as well as Canadian developed patterns.

In the mid 1950s the Canadian Army adopted for user trials a series of lightweight uniforms intended for tropical or desert environments. These appear to have been primarily worn by officers. They were worn in the field in Canada and on UN operations in the Middle East. No user reports or documentation have as yet been found.

X55 Pattern

The X55 Pattern uniform consisted of a jacket and trousers made of a coarse cotton material very similar in colour and weave to wartime British Airtex. The jacket had 4 patch pockets and was unlined. All buttons, with the exception of plastic collar and cuff buttons are in Staybrite. The Staybrite buttons on the front of the jacket, epaulettes, and pockets are removable and secured by split rings. Collar and cuff buttons are plastic "Sutton Butt - On" brand buttons secured to the material by a plastic shank.

All of the examples examined so far appear to be from one production run in October 1956. This pattern was not adopted as standard issue, however it appears to have been widely distributed for a short period of time.

X55 Pattern jacket of a Colonel. Rank insignia was worn on slip-ons made of the same material as the jacket. (These are missing in the image). The staff gorget patches are attached to the jacket by press studs, medal ribbons and parachutist wings are sewn directly onto the jacket.

View of the rear of the jacket showing the shoulder yoke and the vented back.

Closeup of the shoulder giving a good view of the colour and weave of the material.

Closeup of the cuffs and style of plastic buttons used on this pattern of uniform.

Jacket label

Trouser detail showing the button fly.

Trouser detail illustrating the belt loops for the 1951 pattern waistbelt.

Trouser label.

57X1 Pattern

The 57X1 uniform was made of a much softer and dense material than the x55 Pattern. It appears to be made of a cotton-synthetic blend and is greenish grey in colour. The cut is very similar to the X55 Pattern

Jacket, Field, Sand, 57X1 Pattern belonging to a Major of the Canadian Provost Corps. Staybrite C PRO C buttons are worn, medal ribbons when worn were sewn onto a stiffened detachable patch of the same material as the jacket. Press studs for this patch are clearly visable.

Detail of the back of the jacket illustrating the shoulder yoke and back vent.

Detail of the shoulder insignia. The rank Crowns are in Staybrite, the C PRO C shoulder title is in gilt brass.

Jacket label.

Trouser details. Unlike the X55 Pattern trousers, these have a zip fly. Note the side adjustment tabs and wide belt loops.

Typical trouser label.

XC1 Pattern

This uniform is virtually identical to the standard issue Jacket, No. 1 Tropical, better known as Tropical Worsted or TW. The jacket is lined with a brown sateen type lining.

XC1 Pattern jacket of a Colonel. Three embroidered loops for attachment of a medal group can be seen just above the ribbons.

Detail of the back of the jacket.

Detail of the shoulder insignia and gorget patches.

Typical jacket label.

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