The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946


A wide variety of handcuffs were issued to Provost personel. In Provost detachments in Canada, most handcuffs were of American manufacture. Overseas Provost Companies used both American and British handcuffs. Small stocks of handcuffs of First World War Canadian vintage were reissued in 1939. Handcuffs such as the Peerless Model 100 were on issue well into the 1980's. Most handcuffs used by Canadian Service Police (including Air Force and Navy) were marked with the "C Arrow" stamp to indicate Canadian military ownership. Some were stamped with Provost Company numbers.

"Nippers" and wrist chain "come-alongs" were also carried. These could be employed in prisoner control instead of handcuffs.

Another type of restraint on issue to Service Detention Barracks and military prisons was the straightjacket. Initially Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps equipment, a few appear to have been issued to Provost detachments. The example illustrated at the bottom of the page is made from heavy canvas with riveted leather straps. It is stamped with the Canadian military C Arrow property mark and size but the manufacturer is unknown.

First World War vintage Peerless Model 1 First Pattern. Manufactured by Smith & Wesson.

Marlin Daley "Bottleneck" Handcuffs. RCMP standard, these were likely inherited by No1. Provost Company.

Canadian Government C Arrow property mark stamped near the hinge on Marlin Daley "Bottleneck" Handcuffs.

Marlin Daley "Bottleneck" Handcuff Key.

Harrington & Richardson Super (modified to 16 link chain)

First World War vintage Tower Double Lock

British First World War vintage Hiatt Model 1 (100) "Darbys"

Harrington & Richardson Bean Cobb

Peerless Model 100

Wrist "Nipper". Unknown manufacturer.

Brass and steel Come-Along. Manufacturer unknown.

Issue Straightjacket

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