The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946

Personal Identification

During the Second World War, every member of the Canadian Army was fingerprinted, photographed and the details recorded on Militia Form M 181. This form when filled out, was photographed by a special camera, the Monroe Duo Camera. The Monroe Duo Camera took a picture of the soldier and a portion of the MFM 181 at the same time and created a negative, which when developed, was sealed in plastic, then stamped with an embossed seal. This became the Soldier's Identity Card, MFM 182.

The lower left side of the MFM 181 was photographed and became the soldier's ID card.

Diagram of the parts of the camera and the procedure for creating the ID Card.

The process of creating the ID Card MFM 182.

Some things never change! Fingerprinting techniques of the 1940s were identical to those used by technicians today. A number of Provost were trained as fingerprint technicians.

Standard Canadian Army I.D. Card MFM 182 issued to a Provost Corps Staff Sergeant serving in Canada.


During the war, Canadian Other Ranks were issued a two part Soldier's Service and Pay Book, Militia Book M 1. Part I, the Soldier's Service Book, recorded personal details, ie; next of kin, training and courses taken, medical and dental history and a will. Part II, the Pay Book, recorded rates of pay, payments recieved and deductions or stoppages.

Warrant Card Issued to a Provost Corps Sergeant on staff at No. 65 Military Detention Barracks, Montreal Quebec

Warrant Card Issued to a Provost Corps Company Sergeant Major of No. 16 Provost Company.

British Identity Card B2638 issued to a Canadian Provost Officer.

Driver's Identification issued to an NCO of No 1. Provost Company (RCMP)

Restricted Area Pass issued to an NCO of No 6. Provost Company in England.

Standard issue Identity Discs issued to the above RCMP Provost

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