The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946

British Made Lightweight Uniforms

Provost on parade in Italy wearing the British Aertex Bush uniform. All insignia is stitched directly onto the shirt. Also of interest are the whitened web anklets worn with khaki hose tops.

Aertex Lightweight Uniforms

Canadians wore British source summer weight uniforms almost exclusively in Italy during the summer. Made of a loose cotton weave fabric known as Aertex, the uniform consisted of a jacket, shirt, trousers or shorts. A number of variations of Aertex uniform exist, differing in material, type of buttons and the design and positioning of pockets. Shorts and "Bombay Bloomers" as well as long pants were issued with or without field dressing pockets. As well as being manufactured in England, Aertex clothing was made in a number of Commonwealth countries. Badges and insignia were either sewn directly onto the material, or attached with press studs. Badges were also commonly worn on armlets, on either or both arms.

Typical All Ranks Shirt/Jacket

Typical Aertex jacket worn by both officers and other ranks. Probably of Indian manufacture, this jacket has box pleat breast pockets and non detachable epaulettes.

View of the back of the jacket showing the shoulder yoke and vent.


All Ranks Bush Shirt/Jacket

Aertex Bush Shirt worn by both officers and other ranks. Manufactured in Northern Ireland, this shirt has plain breast pockets and non detachable epaulettes.

Closeup of the shirt showing the weave of the material and construction details.

Detail of the manufacturer's label.
Artifact images courtesy of Colin Schlachta.

Officer's Jacket

As opposed to the other ranks jacket, this typical officer pattern jacket has bellows waist pockets and detachable epaulettes. All badging has been removed, but the press studs for staff tabs on the collars, a distinguishing patch on the sleeve, and medal ribbons on the chest are clearly visible.

Back of the jacket showing the shoulder yoke and vent.

View of the shoulder showing the loop for the detachable epaulette. Note the location of the press studs for the distinguishing patch and staff tabs.

British Khaki Drill Shorts

British shorts with field dressing pocket

British shorts without field dressing pocket

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