The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946

Warrant Officer and NCO Rank Insignia

  Warrant Officers wore their rank insignia on the lower sleeve of the battledress jacket and greatcoat. Warrant Officers Class 1 (WO1) in the Provost Corps held the appointment of Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM). Normally the RSM appointment was at battalion level, but for disciplinary reasons, one was appointed to each Provost Company. The insignia of the WO1 was the Royal Coat of Arms, used by Canadians until about 1950, when it was replaced by the Canadian Coat of Arms.

  Warrant Officers Class 2 (WO2) usually held the appointment of Company Sergeant Major (CSM) or Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS). The insignia of the WO2 was the Royal crown enclosed by a wreath of laurel leaves. There are a large variety of patterns and materials, including metal insignia worn on a leather wrist strap when in shirt sleeve order.

Warrant Officer Class III 1939 - 1941
Warrant Officer Class II
Warrant Officer Class I

Non Commissioned Officer's Rank Insignia

  For most of the 2nd World War, NCO's rank insignia consisted of individual chevrons sewn onto a battledress or cotton backing. In early 1945, a pattern was introduced where multiple chevrons were embroidered in one piece, with a greenish grey woven separation between each one. Printed versions of the chevrons were also issued, usually sewn onto an elasticised brassard.

Lance Corporal

Sergeant 1945 Pattern
Staff Sergeant

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