The Canadian Provost Corps
1939 - 1946

Rain Coats and Rain Capes

Rain coats and capes were issued to all Other Ranks of the Canadian Army. Canadian patterns of these garments were similar in design to those of British manufacture and were worn interchangeably.

Waterproof Coat No. 1A

The Coat, Waterproof No 1A Khaki was made of rubberised canvas. It was a large loose fitting garment with 5 large buttons down the front and two flap cover slits to allow access to trouser pockets.

Interior details. All the seams are sealed over with rubberised cloth tape.

Details of manufacturer, inspectors and government property markings.

Tag indicating that this garment is a Working Pattern. This particular example was supplied by the British as a pattern to guide production in Canada.

Typical manufacturer's label.

Rain Cape/Groundsheet

The Rain Cape or Groundsheet was an issue item for all ranks. It was sleeveless and made of a heavy rubberised cloth. It had a four plastic button front, the collar was secured by a single hook and eye. Canadian and British made Groundsheets are virtually identical, groundsheets of British manufacture were also worn by Canadians.

When not in use the groundsheet was folded and placed under the flap of the small pack. Although there were grommets along the edges of the groundsheet, unlike the American Poncho it was not intended that two or more groundsheets be joined together to make an improvised tent.

The groundsheet as worn. The buttons are heavily reinforced and waterproofed.

Views of various methods of securing the collar.

Typical manufacturer's and government inspector's marks on Canadian manufactured groundsheets.

The inside of the groundsheet laid out flat for folding. The collar was folded inward to create a rectangle. The groundsheet was folded again until it was the width of the small pack, (about 11 inches), then folded again to fit under the flap of the small pack.

Raincape folded and secured under the straps of the small pack.

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