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Royal Canadian Air Force
Service Police

RCAF Service Police Women
1942 - 1946

In 1942, the first members of the RCAF Women's Division (RCAF WD) were trained as Service Police. Initially, training for WDs was separate from the male course, but eventually, the course was integrated and all Service Police recieved identical training. The Service Police school was established at Aylmer, Ontario, where the current Ontario Police College is located. At the end of the war, the RCAF WDs were not retained, but early in the 1950's women were again employed as RCAF Police.



An example of a wartime WD Service Dress jacket. Similar in cut to the man's jacket, it was made of a finer material. It was normally worn with a matching skirt, slacks were also provided.

The summer version of the WD Service Dress jacket.


The first pattern WD hat was worn by both officers and other ranks. This is an other ranks' version with black chinstrap and brass RCAF buttons. The officer's version had black cloth buttons. Dated 1942.


The second pattern WD hat was also worn by officers and other ranks. As with the first pattern, the officers version was worn with the officers cap badge and black cloth buttons. This pattern was adopted in late 1942 or early 1943. This particular example is dated 1943.

RCAF WD Officer Rank

RCAF WD officers held King's Commissions and wore the same rank insignia as male officers of equal rank. However the rank titles were different.

Assistant Section Officer

Section Officer

Flight Officer

Squadron Officer

Wing Officer

Group Officer

RCAF Service Police Women
Postwar to Unification

RCAF The image on the right shows an RCAF Policewoman checking identification. Her uniform is typical of that worn during the late 1950's. The long skirt is worn with the Air Force equivalent of the 1949 Pattern battledress jacket. The eagle and Canada insignia worn by both women at the top of the sleeves is worn by all NCOs below the rank of Warrant Officer Class 1. The Police brassard is worn as according to regulations, on the left arm above the elbow. The other woman is a Leading Air Craftswoman, the rank being equivalent to Lance Corporal. She is wearing the post war pattern Women's Service Dress jacket.

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