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1918 - 1920

Brief History

A Canadian Aviation Corps was established in September 1914, but was disbanded in 1915. During the First World War, thousands of Canadians served in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS). On the 1st of April 1918 the RFC and the RNAS were combined into the Royal Air Force.

The Royal Air Force, Canada (RAFC) was formed in 1918 and an Assistant Provost Marshal was appointed in Toronto on February 1st of that year. Initially, there were approximately 30 Royal Air Force NCOs and airmen on his staff. This number was soon increased to 50, and two officers were appointed as Deputy Assistant Provost Marshals.
The Provost Marshal’s Office and Guardroom was opened in April, 1918 and was originally located at the corner of Church and Wellington Streets in Toronto. In July of 1918, the Royal Air Force detention rooms and police barracks were opened at 1322 Dufferin Street, Toronto. This establishment served two roles, accommodating the police on the Provost Marshal’s staff and receiving airmen sentenced to detention.
By July 1918, there were 3 RAFC policemen and one officer posted to New York City to supervise the conduct and discipline of airmen on leave there.

The RAFC Assistant Provost Marshal and some of his staff, Toronto, 1918

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