Royal Canadian Air Force
Service Police
1940 - 1946

Airmen's Uniforms

An Airman wearing summer Khaki Drill adjusts his dress in a mirror.

In general, uniforms worn by the RCAF closely followed British RAF patterns. The standard working uniform for Service Police Airmen during the Second World War was blue RCAF Service Dress. Khaki Service Dress was worn during the summer months, and sometimes on training courses, but was not normally worn off station.

Blue Service Dress

Made of heavyweight rough blue serge, this pattern of Blue Service Dress was adopted in the mid 1930s. The previous pattern of Service Dress jacket was similar in cut but had a closed collar. The new pattern jacket had an open collar with lapels and was worn with a "shirt, broadcloth, silver grey" and a black necktie. The jacket came with a brass buckled belt made of the same material as the jacket. Headdress was either the Service Dress wedge cap or winter cap. Matching trousers and black shoes or boots were worn.

Blue Serge Service Dress. Four button front, breast pockets have box pleats and pointed flaps.


Example of a typical stamped manufacturer and size label.


View of the inside of the jacket illustrating the field dressing pocket on the lower left.


This service dress jacket is worn with Pattern 1925 web equipment, illustrating the order of dress worn by airfield security guards or Service Police armed with rifles until mid to late 1942.

Right rear view of the Pattern 1925 web showing the method of slinging the water bottle.

Left rear view showing the bayonet for the P17 rifle. Note the belt hook.

RCAF Khaki Drill


The RCAF version of the Khaki Drill (KD) summer uniform was virtually identical to the pattern of KD worn by the Canadian Army, but was worn with RCAF buttons and insignia. It was worn with a khaki shirt and black tie. This uniform appears to have been worn only in Canada.

Detail of the pattern of shoulder insignia worn by Airmen on Khaki Drill.

Detail of the manufacturer's markings stamped on the inside of the jacket. Note the previous owner's service number.

Head Dress

  The Field Service Dress or "wedge cap" was in almost universal use during the summer months. It was produced in superfine quality for Officers and rough serge for Airmen. Officers and Warrant Officers Class 1 were authorised a peaked service dress cap. The sides of the Winter Service Dress cap could be folded down to protect the ears. Helmets were worn on guard duty, parades or patrol duty, depending on local dress instructions. The standard helmet was the Canadian manufactured Mk II with "RCAF SP" stenciled on the front.

Airman's Service Dress "Wedge Cap".

Winter Service Dress Cap

RCAF Service Police Mk II helmet made by C.L./C in 1941.

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