Royal Canadian Air Force
Service Police
1940 - 1946


Uniforms Of Officers and Warrant Officers Class 1

RCAF Officer's Blue Service Dress


The Officer's Service Dress jacket was similar in cut to that of the Airman's jacket, but was lined, and made of blue barathea, a much finer material. The cut and pattern was loosely based on the Army Service Dress but was without epaulettes. The jacket was identical for all Commissioned Ranks and Warrant Officers Class 1. It had an attached belt, loose from the side seams, with a gilt buckle. Rank insignia was worn on the cuff, in this example the rank is Flying Officer. Canada titles are worn on the shoulders. Buttons are identical to those on the Airman's jacket and are evenly spaced.

Closeup view of the Officer pattern CANADA shoulder title in wear.

Officers Dress Regulations permitted the wearing of shirts with attached collars or detachable collars as illustrated here. Collars were secured by brass or gilt studs.

Summer Service Dress (Tropical Worsted)

A 1943 Warrant Officer Class 1 Summer Service Dress jacket. Similar in cut to the Blue Service Dress, it is made of a light worsted fabric. It was worn with a khaki shirt and black tie. The Warrant Officer's rank badges are worn the regulation 6 1/2 inches from the bottom of the sleeve.

Close up view of the Warrant Officer Class 1 rank insignia in wear.

Officer Pattern Greatcoat

The Officer's Greatcoat was double breasted, lined, and made of fine quality melton wool. Rank insignia was worn on detachable epaulettes. Buttons were of the same pattern as those worn on the Service Dress jacket, 3 small buttons were worn on the cuffs.

Shoulder detail showing the detachable epaulettes and Officer pattern Canada title.

View of the collar closed as worn when on parade.

Head Dress

Officer's Service Dress "Wedge Cap"

Officer's Service Dress Cap

Senior Officer's Service Dress Cap

Air Officer's Service Dress Cap

Air Officer's Service Dress "Wedge" Cap

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