Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch
And Naval Police

Naval Patrol Brassards

A variety of brassards were worn by Naval Patrol or Police on duty. They were issued on a temporary basis to dutymen assigned to Naval Patrols or on a permanent issue to Patrolmen of the Boatswains Branch. Early patterns were identical to those worn by the Royal Navy and many were likely obtained from Royal Navy stores. Canadian manufactured brassards usually have snap fasteners with the letters UCC CANADA or UNITED CARR (United Carr Company Canada) stamped on the back of the snap.
Naval Police and Regulating Branch duty brassards were worn on the left cuff of the jacket or greatcoat. In the tropics, when wearing short sleeve dress, the brassard was worn directly on the left wrist.

Deputy Naval Provost Marshal brassard worn by Officers assigned as Navy Provost Marshals. Gold thread embroidery on wool. This brassard is believed be of British origin, probably from the 1950s.

Naval Police Brassard. Embroidered on linen, with dome snap fasteners. Variations of this brassard were seen in wear by the RCN from the Second World War until the late 1950s.

Naval Police Brassards. Embroidered on wool, with dome snap fasteners. Brassards were issued in two sizes, the long ones for wear on the greatcoat, the short for wear on the jacket cuff or the wrist.

Naval Police Brassard circa 1944. Printed on painted canvas, buckle fastener. Manufacturer uncertain but has a definite Canadian provinance.

Canadian Naval Patrol Brassard worn by dutymen, Boatswains and Regulators, circa 1945 - 1955.

Canadian Naval Patrol Brassard worn by dutymen, Boatswains and Regulators, circa 1955 - 1968.

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