Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch
And Naval Police

Personal Identification

Dockyards, ships, and other naval installations were very sensitive areas even during peacetime and a wide variety of passes and identification cards were required for entry. Illustrated below are various passes and identification papers of a Royal Canadian Naval Reserve Able Seaman of the Fleet Reserve.

Standard Royal Canadian Navy identification card.

The Naval Paybook and Identity Card S.43A was British issue and recorded the seaman's rate of pay, deductions, payments and promotions.

Inside cover of the paybook.

Station Identity Card

Identity discs worn by all ranks of the Royal Canadian Navy. These discs bear the Service Number, name, rank and religion of the sailor.

In addition, entry to a Dockyard required a special pass, worn at all times. Below are two passes for His Majesty's Canadian Dockyard in Halifax Nova Scotia.

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