Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch
And Naval Police

Petty Officer Uniforms

1946 - 1968

Class I Uniform

The Class I uniform was the "fore and aft rig" which in previous Uniform Instructions was the dress reserved for Chief Petty Officers, now included all Ratings Not Dressed As Seamen. Class I blue uniforms were made of fine wool serge, and were comparable in quality to the jackets worn by Officers. The major difference between this and an Officer's jacket are the 6 gilt buttons, compared to the Officer's 8.

The white Class I uniform jacket was also similar to that worn by officers. Both were made of cotton drill material, but the Petty Officer's jacket had 4 buttons whereas the Officer's jacket had 5.

Class I Headwear

The uniform cap of a Petty Officer Class 1 or 2.

Class I uniform cap worn by Chief Petty Officers Class 1 and 2, circa 1960. Identical to that worn by Petty Officers, the only difference being the cap badge.

Interior view of the Petty Officer's cap showing the construction and manufacturer's label.

Blue Class I Uniform
Number 2 Dress

Blue Class I uniform jacket of a Chief Petty Officer Class 1 of the Boatswain Trade, circa 1960.

Details of the gold wire Boatswain Trade collar badges and medal ribbons.

View of the Chief Petty Officer Class 1 rank insignia.

White Class I Uniform
Number 13 Dress

Class I uniform jacket of a Petty Officer 1st Class of the Regulating Branch.

Closeup of the Petty Officer 1st Class rank insignia with chevrons for over 13 years service.

Closeup of the Regulating Branch badge in blue and white as worn on Number 13 Dress.

Medal ribbons for: 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, France And Germany Star with rosette indicating the Atlantic clasp, Canada Voluntary Service Medal with Overseas clasp, 1939-45 War Medal, RCNVR Long Service And Good Conduct Medal, Canadian Forces Decoration.

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