Royal Canadian Navy Regulating Branch
And Naval Police

Ratings Rank Insignia
1910 - C1950

From the formation of the Royal Canadian Navy until about 1950, the rank insignia of the RCN followed the same pattern as that of the Royal Navy. Rank in the RCN consisted of two groups, Officers and Ratings. In Naval parlance, any sailor who wasn't a Commissioned or Warrant Officer, was a Rating.

Ratings wore their rank insignia on the left sleeve of the uniform, with good conduct chevrons underneath. The rates of Ordinary Seaman and Able Seaman were roughly eqivalent to the Army ranks of Trained Private and Lance Corporal respectively and had no rank insignia. The rate of Leading Seaman or "Killick" was equivalent to an Army Corporal. A Petty Officer was equivalent to the army rank of Sergeant or Staff Sergeant, depending on length of service in that rank and if he was confirmed in his rank. Chief Petty Officers ranked with the Army Warrant Officers.

From 1910 to about 1920, Naval Police in the RCN wore gold wire "N P" with a crown in the center. Confirmed Petty Officers and Chief Petty Officers wore the badge on the collars of their jackets with the insignia of their rank in the usual location on the sleeve. Junior Ratings wore the Naval Police insignia on the left sleeve.

During the Second World War, Ratings assigned to policing duties or members of the Regulating Branch wore the same rank insignia as other ratings but had rank titles specific to their trade. Branch badges (where applicable) were worn on the right sleeve.

Good Conduct chevrons were worn either alone by Ordinary Seamen and Able Seamen, and under the rank insignia of the ranks of Leading Seamen and above. Good Conduct Chevrons were not worn by Chief Petty Officers. A single Good Conduct chevron indicated 3 years of good conduct or "undetected crime", two chevrons for 8 years and 3 chevrons for 13 or more years. Depending on the class and pattern of uniform, rank insignia could be embroidered in gold on a black background, red on black, and blue on white.

Leading Seaman

Petty Officer

Petty Officer
Gold (yellow thread) embroidery worn on the best uniform.

Petty Officer
Worn on the white uniform.

Petty Officer with Good Conduct chevrons for over 13 years service.

Chief Petty Officer

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