Reenacting - Why the Provost Corps?

Having been a collector of Canadian militaria for over 30 years, the last thing on my mind was wearing uniforms in my collection. That is, until 1993, when I was contacted by a Canadian War Museum staff member and asked to provide technical advice on aspects of units, uniforms and equipment worn by Canadian Military Police in the D Day landings. This one phone call lead to another, in which I was asked "um, do you have a Provost uniform that fits you?" Like a fool, I said yes. Another phone call followed soon after, asking if I had several Provost uniforms that might fit other museum volunteers. Again, I replied in the affirmative. This eventually escalated to me recruiting and equiping an entire Provost section for a D Day encampment in Ottawa as part of the 50th Anniversary commemorations. One of the highlights for our section during that commemoration was meeting several original wartime Provost. They were surprised and pleased that there was enough interest in the Provost Corps for a section of reenactors to be raised.

The Section

  No. 6 Section, No.4 Provost Company, 3rd Canadian Infantry Division was formed in 1993 to provide reenactor Military Police services for the 50th Anniversary commemoration of the Normandy Landings. The section consisted of 12 personnel including three CWAC Provost. The section was commanded by a Sergeant, with a W.O.2 in overall charge as encampment Security Officer. The section worked closely with personnel of 28 MP Platoon. The section continued training over the following year and recreated it's role at the Victory Spring celebrations in Ottawa in 1995.
  In the fall of 1995, it was decided to reform the section as a sub-section of No.5 Provost Company, 5th Canadian Armoured Division, in keeping with it's new role as a project of the Museum of Applied Military History.
Reenactor Provost duties are essentially the same as the original Provost, with traffic control and route signing a priority. Provost have provided VIP escorts for military and other dignatories visiting displays or reenactments, as well as escorts for colours.
Members of the section have participated in events at Gananoque, Fort Wellington, Manotick, Perth, Swords and Ploughshares Museum, The Canadian War Museum and numerous other displays and reenactments in Eastern Ontario.

  Currently, the section consists of 5 "regular" members and 6 "associate" members, who can be called upon if needed. All of the regular members are also members of the Perth Regiment .

At this time, the Provost Section is NOT recruiting.


No.4 Coy. detatchment at "Normandy Summer", Ottawa, 1994


Giving instructions to a Regiment de Chaudiere reenactor at camp operations, Ottawa, 1994. The Swords and Ploughshares Museum's 40mm Bofors gun in the background provides Anti Aircraft defence.


Patrolling with 18 Platoon, Perth Regiment, 1996


Gananoque 1995, after the battle. Escort for the German General and his ADC at the surrender ceremony


Ottawa, 2005. Camp Provost Marshal and 2ic discussing an upcoming battle demonstration with two infantry unit NCOs.
Photo by Mike Dorosh

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