Canadian Forces Military Police Branch

Identification Badges and Credentials

Master Warrant Officer Patrick Murphy Cyprus 1978. His Military Police Identification Badge is worn on a black leather fob on his left shirt pocket.

Adopted in 1970, the Military Police Identification Badge design is based in part on the RCAF Police badge. It is in gilt plated brass with raised letters and an impressed serial number. When first issued, they were worn on a black leather fob attached to the left breast jacket or shirt pocket button by male MPs . They were pinned directly onto the jacket by female Military Police. Plainclothes investigators of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU), carried the badge in an issue or privately acquired wallet. The badge was not normally worn on combat or environmental clothing.

Originally as issued, Officer's badges were numbered 400 and below. Now that badges are not reissued, there is no difference in the number range of Officers and NCM badges. Badge number 1 is carried by the Canadian Forces Provost Marshal and is passed on to succeeding Provost Marshals at the change of command ceremony. As of the mid 1980s, the badge was no longer worn on the uniform, but carried in a wallet by all regular members. Badges are turned in upon a member's retirement and are destroyed or dealt with as required.

Very early unnumbered prototype badge made by Breadner Metal Co. Hull Quebec. The pin on the broach fastener is missing on this example.

Front and back views of a 1987 production badge made by Rideau Metals of Montreal.

Early green issue credentials wallet has a buff coloured cloth interior. It has provision for the Military Police Identification Card (NDI 50) and a cut out space for the badge. This issue wallet was not very popular, the badge and identification card were more commonly carried in a privately acquired wallet. The design of the NDI 50 has changed several times in the past few years, the illustrated example is now obsolete.

Late trials pattern credentials wallet.

Reproductions and Replicas

A number of replica badges have found their way onto the collector's market, viewed from the front they are identical in almost every respect to the original, although the replicas are slightly smaller in size. The replica badges are made from gilt plated base metal, are cast rather than die struck, and have a flat cast back. A "Retirement Gift" of a replica badge stamped with the member's number and encased in lucite is being produced, it is possible that the replica badges on the market are errors or production overruns. Badges stamped with the motto "Securitas" in place of a serial number are a Retirement Gift to non Specially Appointed Personel. Badges with "RETIRED" instead of a serial number are also being produced.

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