Canadian Forces Operational Uniforms

Temperate Woodland Cadpat Uniform

By 2000, the Olive Green (OG 107) combat uniform had been the standard Canadian Armed Forces Operational Dress for almost 40 years. now been completely replaced by the Cadpat series of uniforms. The basic uniform consists of a helmet and cover, wide brim combat hat, various patterns of coat, shirt, and trousers.

User Trials TW Cadpat Lightweight Coat (Shirt)

This late 1990s trials TW CADPAT uniform shirt is similar in overall design to the OG 107 Mark II Combat shirt. It is made of 50/50 NyCo (nylon-cotton) twist material similar to that used in the OG 107 uniform. It has four box type exterior pockets: two on the breast and two at the waist. There is an interior patch pocket on the left breast closed by a velcro strip. The pockets on the CADPAT shirt differs from the OG 107 in that the breast pockets are slightly larger and inside each is a fabric slot for pens. Also, inside each waist pocket is a smaller black nylon pocket with a velcro flap. There is a center strap for the rank slip-on, note the visibility of the black embroidery on the trials pattern slip-on.
First issues of the new uniforms appear to have the camouflage pattern printed onto white material, and were prone to rapid fading.

Left shoulder detail showing placement of the Canadian flag patch on a velcro flap. In Canada, the flag worn is the subdued pattern, on foreign deployments the red and white patch is worn depending on local dress instructions.

Detail of the shirt showing placement of the prototype nametag and the approved pattern of rank slip-on. The nametag, national flag and rank insignia are the only insignia authorized for wear on the Cadpat uniform. Any other insignia is worn on removable brassards.

Generation 2 Production TW Cadpat Lightweight Coat

Production of this coat commenced in late 2000 and it was first issued for operational use in 2001. It is identical in design to the trials coat with the exception of the interior nylon pockets inside the waist, which are now green nylon rather than black.

Coat label indicating manufacture by Peerless Garments Limited in December 2000.

Jacket (Shirt) Air Type 1

Developed for use by the Air Force.


Generation 3 Production TW Cadpat Lightweight Coat

Initially known as the A/AF Lightweight Coat this was produced in response to requests by the Air Force for a uniform with concealed buttons which would prevent snagging. It was adopted by both the Army and The Air Force, hence the A/AF designation. This was standard production as the Converged combat Uniform until the adoption of the Enhanced Combat Uniform (ECU).

Enhanced Combat Uniform


ECU label.

Wide Brim Combat Hat

The Wide Brim Combat Hat is generally worn in the field and on patrolling if the helmet is not worn. It has a detachable neck cover, that in practice is hardly ever used.

Experimental Trials Cadpat (TW) Boots

Cadpat (TW) pattern combat boots have been undergoing trials since 2002 with mixed success. Initial user reports have been less than complimentary and it is uncertain if the current trials pattern will be adopted.





The examples of CADPAT clothing held by the Museum and illustrated within these pages are trial, pre-production or production samples which have been lawfully released for historical/museum collection. The Museum will not entertain offers to sell, trade or otherwise release any such material. Collectors are advised to consult Canadian Forces General Order 120/02 regarding the acquisition or posession of articles of CADPAT clothing.

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