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Army Distinctive Environment Uniform (DEU)

With the introduction of the DEU in 1986 the Army retained the basic CF Green Service Dress with some modifications. A summer lightweight tan uniform was adopted, this uniform was declared obsolete in the mid 1990's. Female versions of both of these uniforms were adopted as well. Women had the option of wearing either skirts or slacks. Metal shouldertitles for corps, branches and regiments were authorised and were worn on epaulettes by all ranks. Rank insignia remained the same as that worn on the CF Greens, and a new series of trades badges were adopted.

Tan Army DEU

The tan Summer Lightweight uniform was intended to be the equivalent of the old Army Tropical Worsted uniform of the 1950s and 60s. The jacket was worn with a long sleeve tan shirt and CF green necktie. Short sleeve shirts were were worn in "shirt sleeve order". Probably for reasons of economy all cloth rank badging and other cloth insignia were of the same pattern as worn on the Green DEU. The various patterns of headwear worn with CF Greens was retained and worn with this uniform.
Tan DEU was difficult to keep presentable and increased the number of uniforms a member was expected to maintain. It was resented by some as being an extra expense for the junior ranks. It was withdrawn in the mid 1990s in favour of a lightweight version of the Green DEU.

First Pattern Tan DEU

Prototype Tan DEU jacket issued to Major M.A.S. Pittman circa 1983. This version of the jacket was identical in cut and details to the old CF Green jacket.

Closeup view of the insignia. Note the rectangular CANADA shoulder title is identical to that worn on the CF Green jacket. Parachutist's wings are worn over ribbons for UNFICYP (Cyprus) and the CD and Bar.

Closeup view of the pattern of rank insignia worn on the prototype jacket. The rank bars are sewn individually in place.

The final pattern of cuff rank adopted on the production version of the officer's jacket.

Jacket label found on prototypes and trials uniforms.

General Officer Pattern Tan DEU

The pattern of Tan DEU jacket for General Officers was identical to that worn by other officers and NCMs. The wide braid on the cuff indicated General Officer status and the individual's specific rank was worn on the epaulettes.

Closeup view of the insignia worn on the General Officer's uniform. The rank is indicated by the number of maple leaves worn below the crossed sword, baton and Crown, in this case a Major General. Collar badges are the General Officers pattern crossed scimitars. The CANADA shoulder title is the curved pattern adopted for wear by all ranks.

View of the 1 3/4 inch wide General Officer's Pattern cuff braid.

Second Pattern Tan DEU

The second version of the jacket was similar to the prototype but with the addition of epaulettes for the wearing of metal Branch or unit shoulder titles. This Sergeant's jacket is typical of the Tan DEU worn from 1985 to the mid 1990s.

Closeup view of the collar and shoulder insignia.

Female Members Tan DEU

The pattern of jacket adopted for Female Members was identical for all ranks. It was worn with a tan shirt and CF Green necktie. Badging and insignia was identical to that of the Male Members.

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