Canadian Forces Military Police Branch

Army Distinctive Environment Uniform (DEU)

With the introduction of the DEU in 1982 the Army retained the basic CF Green Service Dress with some modifications. A summer lightweight tan uniform was adopted, this uniform was declared obsolete in the mid 1990's. Female versions of both of these uniforms were adopted as well. Women had the option of wearing either skirts or slacks. Metal shouldertitles for corps, branches and regiments were authorised and were worn on epaulettes by all ranks. Rank insignia remained the same as that worn on the CF Greens, and a new series of trades badges were adopted.

Berets are worn by all ranks, male and female, depending on local dress instructions. Service Dress hats are now worn only by officers.

Green Army DEU

Photo Credit: 28 MP Platoon
Four female Military Police of 28 MP Platoon in the late 1990s(?) wearing the Mess Dress version of the Army DEU uniform. A high collar white shirt with gilt buttons is worn with the standard Service Dress jacket. The 33 Brigade patch is worn on the right sleeve above the rank insignia and the Land Forces insignia is worn on the right pocket.

Green DEU

Closeup view of the shoulder and collar insignia.


General Officer Service Dress Cap

Senior Officer Service Dress Cap
The pattern of Service Dress Cap worn by Senior Officers (Colonels and Majors was the same as worn with the CF Green uniform. This example bears the first pattern hand embroidered officer pattern cap badge.

Senior Officer Service Dress Cap
In the early 1990s scarlet Branch identifiers were added to DEU headwear. This example has the second pattern officer cap badge with an enamel center device.

Junior Officer Service Dress Cap

Chief Warrant Officer Service Dress Cap

Chief Warrant Officers wore the NCM pattern Service Dress Cap, but with an officer pattern cap badge

NCM Service Dress Cap
This pattern of hat is now obsolete and has been replaced by the scarlet beret

Officer's Scarlet Beret
The scarlet beret is currently authorised for all ranks, male and female. This example has the second pattern officer's cap badge and is worn by Lieutenant Colonels and below, as well as Warrant Officers Class 1.

NCM's Scarlet Beret
Identical to the above officer's beret but with the embroidered NCM pattern cap badge. The scarlet beret is also worn by Navy and Air Force MPs in all orders of dress except DEU.

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