Canadian Forces Military Police Branch

CF Green Service Dress
1968 - 1985


The illustrated Dress Order MP-2 uniform is that of a Regular Force Master Corporal, CFB Ottawa circa 1975. The "Jacket, Man's Rifle Green" is worn with the light linden green CF shirt and a dark green necktie. The necktie was invariably a clip-on, as a regular necktie provided a convenient handle for villains in an altercation. The holster brace was eventually disposed of for the same reason. The belt equipment consists of a leather belt, holster, brace and handcuff case. The weapon carried is the 9mm Browning Hi-Power automatic pistol. An extra magazine is carried in the holster. A variety of handcuffs were issued, usually Smith and Wesson or Peerless patterns. Additional equipment such as radio holsters were added as required.
The MP identification badge is worn on a leather fob secured to the left breast pocket button. The Transport Command badge is worn on the right pocket. Rank insignia is worn on the jacket sleeves and in miniature on the shirt collar. The ribbon for the Canadian Forces Decoration is worn.

Reserve Force Military Police wore identical uniforms and equipment with the exception of the MP identification badge.


Typical jacket label.


The first female version of CF Green consisted of a blouse and a matching skirt. The female version of the linden green shirt was worn, with a dark green neckpiece. The early pattern of female CF uniform was a much lighter green than the man's pattern, and rank insignia was much smaller. The illustrated blouse is that of a Corporal, 1975. Branch collar insignia is worn, as well as the first pattern female rank insignia. Buttons are standard CF issue. The MP badge is worn above the medal ribbon, which is that of the Canadian Forces Decoration.


The second pattern female version CF uniform jacket and skirt was identical in colour to the mens'. Larger rank insignia was worn and a black issue purse is worn over the left shoulder. There was some initial resistance to female MPs carrying visible weapons, and when armed, the firearm was carried in the purse. However, it did not take long for a slightly modified pattern of belt and holster equipment to be adopted for wear on patrol duty. The weapon initially carried was the .38 Smith & Wesson Model 36 which was later replaced by the 9mm Browning.

CF Green Headwear

The initial hats authorised for wear with the CF Green uniform were the CF Service Dress hat and the Winter Hat. The Service Dress hat was worn with a white vinyl cover when the MP was on duty. The winter hat was not normally worn on patrol duty. The white cap cover was not worn on the woman's issue hat. Black and maroon berets were authorised for Armoured and Airborne troops, and a CF Green beret was adopted as standard for other units.

NCM CF Service Dress Hat
CF Winter Hat

General Officer Service Dress Hat
NCM Woman's Hat

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