Canadian Forces Summer Uniform Trials 1967 - 1970

CF Jackets, Field Service - The CF Green Bush Jacket

At the same time that the new CF Green Service Dress was being developed, a summer Field Service uniform was undergoing trials. The Field Service uniform consisted of a lightweight four pocket shirt/jacket and trousers. A small number of these uniforms were produced and issued to individuals for user trials. The colour of the material was the same dark "rifle green" as the CF uniform, which turned out to be an unfortunate choice, as dark colours tend to absorb heat. Buttons were the standard metal CF pattern. The Field Service Jacket was an unsuccessful design and was discontinued by about 1968, but the lightweight trousers were adopted and incorporated into the CF Green Service Dress uniform.

The CF Field Service Jacket

Closeup view


Typical Experimental CF Green Summer Jacket labels.

Experimental Summer Tan

With the failure of the green Field Service uniform to meet service requirements, a new series of trials were undertaken. Similar in style to the previous uniform, the new uniform was made of a slightly heavier material, but a medium tan in colour. Two versions of shirts are known to have been produced; a four pocket coat/shirt and a two pocket shirt. Various methods of wearing rank insignia were trialled, the most unusual was having a standard epaulette folded back and buttoned onto the sleeve. A special pattern of rank slip-on was developed for this method.
These uniforms were trialed in 1969 and 1970 and were moderately successful, but the pattern was not adopted. Small numbers of similar uniforms were produced between 1970 and the introduction of the tan summer army DEU uniform in the mid 1980's.


Four pocket version of the Summer Tan jacket. The snaps above the left pocket are for the attachment of a rectangular section of cloth on which is mounted medal ribbons, parachute badges etc.


Closeup view of the shoulder showing the special pattern officer's rank insignia and the placement of the epaulette button.


Closeup view of the method of wearing the special pattern of NCO's epaulette.


Manufacturer's label.

DND Photo Sentinel Magazine

The two pocket version of the Summer Tan trials uniforms in wear, Bermuda 1970.

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