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Work Dress And Garrison Dress

Work Dress

CF Work Dress was adopted at the same time as the CF Green uniform. The Work Dress uniform consisted of a dark green cotton jacket, trousers and baseball cap, similar in cut to a gas station attendant's uniform. A greenish blue shirt was issued, but very often the linden green CF shirt was worn. New patterns of rank and nationality insignia were worn, based on the patterns for the combat uniform but in dull gold. Depending on base standing orders Work Dress was worn by Military Police as a patrol uniform during the day, or more commonly, on the night shift. Headdress worn by MPs with Work Dress was normally the CF cap with white cap cover, or the green beret. Work Dress was withdrawn in the late 1980s and Garrison Dress took it's place.


The Work Dress jacket was produced in 2 main versions. The first issues (left) to NCMs had no epaulettes. This Warrant Officer's uniform is worn with the CF Green shirt, with rank insignia on the jacket sleeves and collar points. A cloth name tag is sewn above the right pocket, the MP badge is worn below the left pocket flap. Medal ribbons were not worn on workdress. The second pattern of Work Dress jacket came with epaulettes and the rank insignia was worn on slip-ons by all ranks. All other insignia is worn in the same manner as on the first pattern. The illustrated jacket is shown with the dark greenish blue shirt. Rank insignia was not worn on the collar points of this pattern of shirt.

Garrison Dress

The distinctive Garrison Dress jacket was less than affectionately known as the "paint by numbers jacket". It was a rather heavy, four colour camouflage polyester jacket and was not worn in the field. The reason behind issuing a camouflage jacket intended for wear solely in offices and in garrison occupied many hours of discussion in Junior Ranks Messes. Two patterns of trousers were worn with Garrison Dress, the Work Dress trousers or medium green Garrison Dress trousers. Depending on Unit Dress Orders, authorised footwear was either standard combat boots or the much despised Garrison boot. Adopted in 1989, Garrison Dress was not worn in operational theatres and went out of wear in the mid 1990s.


Special patterns of dull gold insignia were worn on Garrison Dress, the illustrated jacket is that of a Master Corporal. Trade qualification badges are worn on the right lower sleeve, skill at arms badges are worn on the left sleeve. A parachutist's jump wings are worn above the left breast pocket. A black web belt with black plastic fittings and 1964 Pattern buckle is worn. The tan summer shirt is worn with rank insignia on the collar points.


The Garrison Dress boot was similar in general design to the Combat boot, but was more cheaply made and was not intended for wear in field conditions. The main distinguishing features are the toecap and the deep tread vibram soles. Unlike Combat boots, Garrison Dress boots were intended to be polished.

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