Canadian Army Military Police
1914 - 1920

Other Ranks Uniforms - Overseas


Canadian Military Foot Police Private

This jacket is a Canadian manufactured, 5 button jacket of British design. This is the most common pattern used overseas by the Canadian Expeditionary Force. The jacket has a stand and fall collar, secured by hooks and eyes. Cloth reinforcements on the shoulders are clearly visible, these are commonly known as "rifle pads" but were intended to protect the uniform from excessive wear by web equipment braces. Breast pockets are pleated, with straight edged flaps.
The collar badges are miniatures of the Canadian Military Police cap badge, brass CANADA and MFP titles are worn on the epaulettes. Buttons are the Canadian General Service pattern. A whistle is carried in the left breast pocket, attached to a lanyard on the left shoulder. A Good Conduct chevron and a single brass wound stripe are worn on the left cuff. A red and black overseas pattern MP brassard is worn.
The belt equipment consists of a Staff Sergeant's Pattern waistbelt and brace supporting an open top revolver holster and cartridge pouch. The revolver is a .455 calibre Webley Mk VI.


Closeup of the collar badges and shoulder titles.

Artifact courtesy of Colin Schlachta

Collar detail showing the method of wear for the CMPC collar badge.

Artifact courtesy of Colin Schlachta

Two small field dressings in a cloth wrapping were carried in a small pocket inside the jacket on the bottom right flap.


Sergeant John Roy McBride and his brother, Private Gus McBride, in France circa 1917. Both are wearing standard 5 button tunics. Cap and collar insignia appear to be either the standard Maple Leaf patterns or those of the 21st Battalion CEF, the unit in which they originally attested. Sergeant McBride is wearing a Staff Sergeant's Pattern waistbelt and brace with a Canadian pattern holster for the M1911 Colt .45 calibre pistol. Private McBride is wearing an Oliver Pattern waisbelt with what appears to be a modified open top Webley revolver holster for his M1911 Colt pistol. Faded red and black British pattern MP brassards are worn.
As they are on mounted duty, they are wearing breeches and ankle boots with long puttees. The spurs are swan necked other rank's pattern jack spurs.
Sergeant John Roy McBride of Millbrook Ontario was killed in action on the 11th of October 1918 at the age of 22 years.

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