Canadian Army Military Police
1914 - 1920

Other Ranks Uniforms - Headwear

The British pattern soft trench cap was made in Canada and England and was the most commonly worn article of headwear.

The Canadian Pattern other ranks Service Dress cap and waterproof cover was introduced into service in 1902.

Popularly known as the "Gor Blimey" cap, the sides could be folded down over the ears in cold weather.

Another version of the "Gor Blimey" cap. These were manufactured in both Canada and England.

Interior detail of a Canadian made "Gor Blimey" cap.

Top view of a "Gor Blimey" cap. The ear flaps were secured by either one or two buttons.

Canadian Fur Hat with MP collar badge worn as a cap badge.

The knitted wool Balaclava was very popular in the trenches and was often worn under the helmet in cold or wet weather.

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